Wednesday, 1 August 2012


i'm guessing nobody will ever read this apart from Harriet when i finally give her all the details for this. I'm not happy with it yet, though. The HTML is shit, we need a proper logo, & i need the micro SD card to come for my camera so i can actually start taking pictures! Anyway the aim of this blog is pretty much to just validate our extreme polish obsessions in some way by providing a service to fellow polish lovers across the globe. After all, who doesn't google a thousand swatches of the same thing before they buy it? We can also give durability info as Harri goes to the gym pretty much every day & if any polish survives her 'project abs' it deserves recognition. I'm a bit of a nail art fiend (when i can be bothered/aren't working) & will hopefully post a few design how-to's, too. That's about it for now, I'm gonna have another bash at sorting out the fucking HTML on this thing to make it presentable. Or i might just give up & play the Sims (i'm currently making katy perry & zac efron 'woohoo' all the time, i'm a child). Melanie XX